Retail Credit Card Processing

Retail Credit Card Processing

Capital Merchant Solutions Inc offers a complete line of credit card machines. We carry terminals from the industry’s leading manufacturers, such as Verifone, Hypercom, and Lipman. If we don’t have the terminal that you need in stock, we can typically get it from our suppliers within 24 hours.

Get the Facts

Why are some terminals Free?
Capital Merchant Solutions Inc has been in the payment processing industry for over a decade. Our focus is not about “making a quick buck” off of a terminal sale. Our focus is to sign you up as a lifetime customer and provide you with quality processing services with very reasonable rates. As long as you are a business owner, we want to earn your business every month and every year. The wholesale price of credit card terminals has come down in recent years, and we can now “afford” to place one at every business location that needs one. We look at this as a small investment and the first step in acquiring you as a lifetime customer.
I have a restaurant, what are my options?
We have several processing options for restaurant owners. The easiest is to simply let us place a standard credit card terminal at your location. Depending on your business type, we can program the terminal so that it handles tips as well. Another option is to let us place a free Cash Register and credit card combo (call 1-877-495-2419) for details. The last option is a Free placement for a full blown Touch Screen Point of Sale System. Please see our POS page for details.
I am not sure what terminal I want to use?
Not all terminals are made to work in all business environments. The Vx510le is probably our most popular terminal. In 80% of cases it will do an amazing job. If you have special needs, or just want to learn the differences, just give us a call at 1-877-495-2419 and Representative can assist you in your decision.

Terminal Choices

Listed below, you find brief descriptions of our most popular terminals. By selecting one of these terminals, we can “fast track” your account for a quick approval process and terminal deployment. Your first step is chose which one of terminals you would like to use. Click on the links below to learn more about each terminal.