Internet Merchant Accounts

Internet Merchant Accounts

To accept and process payments on the internet, you will need a secure and reliable payment gateway. Capital Merchant Solutions Inc offers several payment gateways that meet these requirements. You no longer need an expensive point of sale credit card terminal to accept credit card payments. By using an Internet Payment Gateway, you are able to process credit card transactions from any computer in the world that is connected to the internet.

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What is a Virtual Terminal?
A virtual terminal is essentially a website that you can log in to and process your customers’ payments. If you have business that accepts payment over the phone or by mail, a Virtual Terminal is your most cost effective options. All of our gateways include a Virtual Terminal at no additional cost. We will provide you with a unique User Name, and Password. You just login to the appropriate website, click on the “Process Payment” page, and enter your customer’s information and card numbers. The gateway will process the transaction and money will be settled directly to your bank account.
Does you include a shopping cart?
We offer several different options for internet payment gateways. Our two primary gateways are and DowCommerce. Just like websites, there are not two gateways built alike. Not every website is going to have the exact same needs. Both and DowCommerce offer code generators that will allow you place simple “buy now” type buttons throughout your website. DowCommerce also includes (at no extra cost) a simple shopping cart that will even figure tax, shipping, etc. It’s a good shopping cart, but you will probably want something more robust if you have a huge inventory and/or special functions / needs.
Can I integrate the gateway myself?
Did you build your website yourself? If the answer to that was no, then you are probably going to need help integrating the payment gateway. We will provide you with full integration instructions that you can either do it yourself, or pass along to your web designer. We have a support team available to help you should any questions arise.

Gateway Choices

Along with the best merchant account rates in the industry you have your choice of top payment gateways. Each gateway allows you to integrate with your website directly or to key in transactions via a virtual terminal for phone, fax, and mail orders.

DowCommerce Yahoo Store
Setup Fee Free Free Free
Monthly Fee $19.95 $15.95 N/A
Shopping Cart Included Freeplus Third Party Carts Third Party Carts Third Party Carts
Recurring Billing Included Free! Additional Fee Additional Fee
Fraud Detection Additional Fee Additional Fee Additional Fee
Customer Vault Additional Fee Additional Fee Additional Fee
Learn More about DowCommerce Learn More about Learn More about Yahoo Store

Also available: Verisign Payflow Pro and PlugNPay

Ecommerce Shopping Carts

If you are building an Ecommerce store, you will need a good, reliable, shopping cart solution that is compatible with your internet payment gateway. Find out more about some of the shopping carts available to you by clicking here

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