What is an Internet Payment Gateway?

Internet Payment Gateway

In order to learn what an internet payment gateway is, and how it works, you must first understand how a credit card machine works. At retail (face to face) business locations a customer will hand their credit card to the cashier for payment. The first thing the cashier does is enter the dollar amount of the sale, and then they will take the credit card and swipe it through a credit card machine.

The machine then transmits the data from the credit card to the “processing network”. The processing network returns either a “declined” or “approved” response. If approved, the transaction will get batched out by the terminal at the end of the day with the rest of the day’s transactions. Typically a couple days later the money from that sale is deposited into the Continue reading

Does a Hair Salon Need to Accept a Credit Card?

Hair Salon

This may seem like a silly question, what with the decreasing amount of paper money, but whether or not a hair salon needs a merchant account is certainly a valid debate. The short answer is yes; hair salons should be accepting credit cards. Credit cards have become the prime payment method for many customers and having a credit card is a matter of convenience for many people.

Hair salons provide many luxury services, not only haircuts. Because of this, their clientele typically includes the exact sort of people who carry a credit card. A hair salon could lose out on quite a few customers by limiting their payment options. Many women go to the hair salon for more than just a cut and style. They may also want to get a manicure and a pedicure. Continue reading